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CAPS for testing Sleep Number® Bed Air Chamber Leaks

Air Bed Pros

CAPS for testing Sleep Number® Bed Air Chamber Leaks

$ 6.99

Use these 2 air chamber caps for testing your Sleep Number® Bed Air Chambers for air leaks.


 High Pressure - Hold Pressure inside for days weeks months or just for testing for air leaks! Some customers use this cap for many beds in one home and have only one pump.


How to Cap Test Sleep Number® Bed air leaks - by brandon fry AIRPRO @

Cap Testing for Sleep Number Bed Air Leak Repair


  • We do not sell Sleep Number® or Select Comfort® Brand Beds or Parts!
  • Compatible with Sleep Number® Bed Air Leak Testing!



Step by Step - How to Test and Repair for Sleep Number® beds with the Deluxe Air Leak Repair Kit from


Use these air bed caps for testing Sleep Number® Bed Air Chambers for Air Leaks at the connection! 


remove pump hose while the air chamber is fully inflated, and add the cap to test the air chamber.


It is at this point the CAP TEST will be correct! prior to the M-236 lg hose, the cap test could be false. simply capping the chamber off could hold, but hide a broken o-ring.


Well, now that you have tested the air chamber, if you have a leak after capping it off, use the included patch to repair it.


or, If it holds air while being capped off (WITH THE M-236-lg-hose added) then you have a bad pump.



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