AIRPRO Air Bed Parts for Sleep Number® Beds
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About Us

Brandon Fry - President at AirBed Pros

Brandon Fry - Inventor


Text (or call) me @ 314.599.2777   


About Us

The incredible design, ingenuity, and high-quality products of AirBedPros have been helping to improve sleep for hundreds of people in the St. Louis Area for the past five years, but the commitment to providing excellent service began far before that.   As sleep technology began to flourish in the homes of fellow Missouri residents in the early 2000s, Brandon Fry began to notice that there was also a great need beginning to grow:  adjustable air beds were only as helpful as they were in good condition.  Over time, many airbeds began to buckle in the middle, and Brandon knew there must be a way to fix the problem.  He began to conceive some new ideas of how to battle the “hammock effect” in adjustable air beds, and in 2008, Brandon launched his own air bed design that would earn him the reputation of the “AIRPRO”


The Incredible Idea

Using an ingenious foam support rail system reinforced with nylon, Brandon found a way to lock the air chambers of the adjustable air bed in a pattern that kept them close, preventing gaps from forming in the middle of the bed and keeping the foam walls along the border from bowing out and causing that hammock shape that so many people were dealing with.  This level of support was like none other found in the market, and AirBedPros laid rightful claim to its title.


AirBedPros Today

Today, AirBedPros offers more than just one incredible bed to customers.  Along with a full line of adjustable air beds designed to suit any combination of comfort preferences by sleeping partners, AirBedPros also offers all the repair parts and services needed to improve and maintain any adjustable air beds.  Bed pumps, air chambers, foam inserts and other replacement parts are made exclusively by AirBedPros in such a manner that they can be compatible with any adjustable air bed out there.

Every product sold is made with the customer in mind: only the highest-quality materials are used to make a bed that will last without losing structural support and comfort.  Plus, every bed comes with an incredible 25 year warranty that no one else can beat!  Choose from the best accessories, including Memory foam and Natural Latex comfort layers, and benefit from special AirBedPros designs, such as No Gap Design Support, Air Chambers with Cross-Directional Air Flow and 50 comfort settings.


Let Us Serve You

While operating out of Pacific Missouri, AirBedPros not only serves people from Wildwood, Ellisville, Eureka, Pacific and Franklin Counties, Missouri, but the rest of the upper 48 states as well.  Let us have the pleasure of serving you. 

Contact us directly at 314-599-2777 for friendly service and answers to your questions.