AIRPRO Air Bed Parts for Sleep Number® Beds
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AIRPRO Beds & Parts for Sleep Number® Beds

AIRPRO Beds & Parts for Sleep Number® Beds

Parts For Sleep Number® Beds by Select Comfort®



Compare to Sleep Number® Bed Pumps

AIRPRO Beds feature Wired Remote Controls that require manually holding the up or down button to adjust the AIRPRO Bed Pumps - compared to Sleep Number® Bed Pumps that have only Wireless Remote Controls that are programmable to 20 Sleep Number® Settings by tapping the button Up or Down.




Compare Bed Pumps - Remote Control Options - Comfort Settings


  • AIRPRO Air Bed Pumps provide True Air Technology with 50 comfort settings per side (1 to 50) Manually Hold Down the Up or Down Button to adjust Pump.
  • Sleep Number® Bed by Select Comfort® offer 20 Sleep Number® settings per side (5 - 100) Wireless Remotes to Control - You select a setting for the pump.
  • We "do not" sell Sleep Number® brand beds, parts, products or services and are in no way affiliated with the Select Comfort® Corporation.




Sleep Well on AIRPRO Adjustable Air Beds 

It’s easy to get all the comfort and luxury you long for in a bed: Simply choose Luxury Support air bed components from Air Bed Pros, and then settle in for a sensational sleep experience! Our Luxury Support Series Mattresses deliver both advanced TrueAir technology and lavishly appointed materials to help you – and your partner – rest well and awake completely refreshed!


It all begins with the AirPro Luxury Support mattress covers in a variety of super-soft cotton fabrics, the irresistible pillowtop surfaces will allow you to pick from the best. Just beneath the surface, there’s state-of-the-art foam technology—each mattress cover offering the several luxury foams to choose from to get either a plush feel of latex or super soft memory foam to cradle you in customized comfort, night after night.


Plus, you’ll find more extraordinary design below the pillowtop – with two fully adjustable multi-zoned air chambers that gently conform to each sleeper’s unique body shape. Our extraordinary technology creates distinct zones of firmness, reducing stress on pressure points and providing the customized support you each desire.


Both independent air chambers are controlled by a pneumatic pump that delivers air to each side for up to 50 different comfort settings, all at the touch of a button on easy-to-use backlit controls. Our unique No-Gap design interlock the air chambers together to prevent ‘Bed Sagging’ or separation; while nylon-reinforced foam support rails provide structure and durability around the edge to square it up. And it’s all powered by the AirPro Adjust a Rest Digital Air Bed Pump – still more state-of-the-art technology, designed to function reliably for decades.


Choose from among these additional air bed components and features to further customize your sleep experience:


Foundation Options


Raise your AirPro experience to an entirely new level of comfort and support with your choice of wood or adjustable base foundations.


Wirelessly-controlled Adjustable Base - Compare to Sleep Number® bed Flex Fit


You get more than body-hugging contours with our ergonomically designed adjustable foundation. Dual massage units deliver relaxing, therapeutic vibrations at the touch of a button on the handy wireless wand. Wall-hugging technology lifts and supports while also keeping you close to the nightstand, so that favorite book is never out of reach.


Temperature Control - Compare to Sleep Number® bed Dual Temp


With the AirPro mattress providing precisely the level of firmness each sleeper desires, why not make customizable temperature part of your slumber solution, too? You can choose between a single- or dual-control temperature pad that uses water to provide cold settings as low as 48º and warm settings up to 112º – all via simple-to-use wireless controls.


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Please remember, We do not sell Sleep Number® beds, Sleep Number® bed parts, Sleep Number® bed pumps, Sleep Number® bed air chambers, Sleep Number® bed support foam, Sleep Number® bed SleepIQ® technology, Sleep Number® bed DualTemp, Sleep Number® bed Select Comfort® products or Sleep Number® bed services. Sleep Number®, Select Comfort®, SleepIQ® are registered trademarks of the Select Comfort Corporation. The information on this site with regards to Sleep Number® bed is strictly for comparison/adaptability purposes only.