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Air Bed Pros 

Welcome to - online web store for AIRPRO air beds, adjustable beds and replacement air bed parts compatible with Sleep Number® Beds.


Most customers of ours find us online while looking for parts to repair Sleep Number® beds because I "Brandon Fry - AIRPRO @" am a inventor of the industry leading PATENT PENDING DELUXE Air Leak Repair Kits compatible with Select Comfort® Sleep Number® Beds.


While I do not sell Select Comfort® or Sleep Number® Bed Products and I am in no way affiliated with the Select Comfort® corporation, I have devised a group of air bed replacement parts to help you fix your existing Sleep Number® Bed.



AIRPRO Air Bed Parts are compatible with Sleep Number® Beds to repair air leaks Worn out Pumps or Air Chambers, we even offer replacement Support Foam and Mattress Covers to help you sleep better each night.


AIRPRO Air Bed Parts are High Quality, Affordable & Compatible with Sleep Number® Bed Parts by using Adaptor Hoses I have Invented to connect our replacement AIRPRO parts to your Sleep Number® Bed parts.

You will need to know if you have 1 hose going to each air chamber or 2 hoses going to each air chamber if you need to Replace A Sleep Number® Bed Pump or Replace A Sleep Number® Bed Air Chamber






At you can purchase AIRPRO replacement parts to repair or rebuild your existing Select Comfort® Comfortaire® or Sleep Number® bed, or Build A New Bed of your dreams with the help of my AIRPRO Air Bed Parts!


Parts needed to Build your air bed


AIRPRO beds are designed with several different Air Bed Parts that are assembled together to create a mattress. 


To Build your New AIRPRO bed, Begin Here by Picking Your Parts



Select Your Mattress Cover (8 to choose from - each offers different foam)

Add Your Pump ( 3 to choose from Digital - Non Digital - Super Quiet)

Add Air Chambers - Select Size (standard sizes available)

Adaptor Hoses (needed if connecting to Sleep Number® bed parts)

Add Mattress Topper (winter and summer side)

Add Mattress Temperature Control Units

Add Mattress Massager System

Add Mattress Protectors

Add Mattress Pads

Add Custom Fit Sheets

Add Custom Fit Pillows

Add Adjustable Foundation

Add Wood FOundation

Add Bed Legs (custom heights available)

Add Coupon Code "AIRPRO" at checkout for special discount


Once your order is placed, I Brandon Fry, send your order off to our warehouse in one of 4 states, whichever is closest to your (FedEx Holding Dock) and the order is sent to your home via FedEx Ground 2 - 3 day shipping. 

At that time we send you a tracking number via email. Once it is scanned (picked up by driver) a scan is made, to indicate its location will be made available.


At that time if your delivery requires a Freight Delivery - it will be delivered by a Tractor Trailer Truck from FedEx. A representative from their office will call you prior to the delivery to schedule a (TIME FOR YOU TO MEET THE DRIVER)

If your order is sent via FedEx ground, Your driver will not require a scheduled time. If no adult person is able to accept the order, a call tag will be placed on your door. 

NOTE; If at any time during the delivery process you require assistance, please call me Brandon Fry @ (314) 599-2777 for fast immediate service.

I am an inventor, and a salesman, and I strive to earn your business everyday.

I have been in the adjustable bed business for over 25 years and my company is going strong after almost 10 years! I am committed to customer satisfaction and service and look forward to serving you in the future.





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