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Rebuild your Sleep Number® bed Today with AIRPRO Air Bed Parts

Rebuild your Sleep Number® bed with Air Bed Parts from today!


Air Bed Parts to Rebuild Your Sleep Number® Bed


We offer specially designed air bed parts to rebuild your Sleep Number® bed to better than new condition. 

~ we do not sell  Sleep Number® bed products and we are in no way affiliated with the select comfort corporation. 


Would you like to Rebuild your Sleep Number® Bed?

With our replacement air bed parts you will be able to rebuild the bed you have always loved. Our reinforced design support foam parts will provide you with comfort and control again allowing you to lower your setting and enjoy your Sleep Number® Bed better than when it was new.  AIRPRO air bed pumps and air chambers now offer a direct connection to your Sleep Number® bed pump and air chamber hose connectors for easy replacement of the expired component.


We make easy to use Repair Kits for use with Sleep Number® Beds and stock all of the necessary parts to repair your Sleep Number® Bed.  We also offer phone support to walk you through the process to help make sure your repair goes smoothly. 


Call Now ~ to speak with one of our knowledgeable air bed repair specialists at (314) 599-2777


If you are experiencing bed sagging in your Sleep Number® Bed, we can help. Consider adding our New Support Design today. We are available by phone Monday thru Saturday from 8AM to 6PM CST and will be happy to answer all of your questions.


Our New Design Begins With;


AIRPRO Air Bed Support Foam 


It starts with a concept that Side Dominant support rails will provide firm support on all four sides of your existing Sleep Number® Bed Air Chambers.  This new design of foam support rails provides additional support with a nylon reinforced fabric that connects the left side rail to the right side rail and the head foam rails is also connected to the foot foam rail with this same fabric. When the two are interlocked, they will form a more reinforced space for your air chambers.


by using a 45 degree angle in the corners, the head to foot rails act as a wedge to lock the side rails in place. (this is referred to as Side Dominant) We know that  Sleep Number® Bed Air Chambers require firm support on all four sides to work properly. And when your mattress cover stretches out, the foam rails are then able to move apart allowing more space inside the mattress cover. This space causes your Sleep Number® Bed to sag.



AIRPRO Air Bed Mattress Covers


We offer four sizes of Mattress Covers, (Call for availability) with organic bamboo cool to touch zip on top panel that is machine washable & non stretch side panel that is canvas reinforced for added support to your Sleep Number® Bed air chambers.

They are available with either a 6, 8, 10 or 12 inch cavity to hold your existing support foam and air chambers or if you are upgrading, we can design a system to fit with your pump and air chamber system. Please call if you require assistance.


AIRPRO Air Bed Chambers


AIRPRO air chambers not only connect directly to your Sleep Number® Bed pump, but offer additional benefits like pressure bonded hose fittings for a more air tight connection that is easy to get to outside of the mattress cover! By design of course...

Our Air Chambers will connect directly to your pump hose fittings and they provide a No Gap/No Sag design. This improvement provides cross directional air flow for a more balanced air chamber without a foam divider needed.


AIRPRO Air Bed Pumps


AIRPRO air bed pumps have a 5 foot pressure bonded hose that connects directly to your Sleep Number® Bed Air Chambers. This improved pressure bonding design offers a more air tight seal at the fittings for a longer life to your air bed.

We offer digital air bed pumps with wired or wireless remote controls with 60 comfort settings that connect to your Sleep Number® Bed Air Chambers with extension hoses.



AIRPRO Air Leak Repair Kits


Do you need air leak repair for your Sleep Number® Bed? At the first sign of an air leak, add our air leak repair kit! Specifically designed for repairing the 1 Hose, 2 Hose, and 4 Hose  Sleep Number® bed pump and air chamber systems. 


Do have questions or need help with your Sleep Number® bed? 


Give us a chance to offer our knowledge and superior line of air bed parts that will fix your Sleep Number® bed problems today!


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