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Compare to Sleep Number® Bed Support Foam Inserts Rails - Air Bed Pros

Brandon Fry Compare to Sleep Number® Bed Support Foam Inserts Rails

Compare to Sleep Number® Bed Support Foam Inserts Rails

AIRPRO Replacement Support Foam Parts - Compare to Sleep Number® Bed Support Foam

We Do Not Sell the Sleep Number® Brand Support Foam, and are in no way affiliated with Select Comfort® Corp. The use of their trademarked names Sleep Number® Bed Support Foam is for comparison purposes only.

Foam - Compare to Sleep Number® Bed Support Foam Rails, AIRPRO Support foam rails use a nylon rap to lock the air chambers together, add a Support Foam Insert above your air chambers to ease the transition from the left side to the right, and use our Latex Foam Toppers above your mattress to add a Winter Side and Summer Side to any bed.  Our Replacement Support Foam Air Bed Parts are Compatible with Sleep Number® Beds to bring new life back to your old bed.


Compare to Sleep Number® Bed Support Foam Inserts Rails Toppers

Compare Foam Parts

AIRPRO Foam Parts

Sleep Number® Foam Parts

Foam Support Rails
  • No Gap Design Locks
  • Left and Right Sides to Prevent Air Chambers from Sliding Apart.
  • Uses only a Corner Locking Plastic Support which allows foam rails to bow out, allowing air chambers to separate and form a gap in middle.
  • Sold As Replacement Parts online.
  • Only Available as warranty item by the original purchaser.
Foam Inserts
  • Support foam Insert Multi-Zoned Support.
  • Uses base foam to raise air chambers up.
  • Support foam inserts provide pressure point reduction between you and the air chambers.
  • Base foam inserts are designed to prevent your hip or tail bone from building up pressure from the plastic foundation below.
  • Sold as replacement parts compatible with most popular models.
  • Sold only as a warranty item to the original purchaser.
Foam Pillow Top
  • 7 Zone PillowFlex
  • Open Cell Memory Foam
  • Talalay Latex Foam
  • Uses many different foams including Intralux®, Memory Foam, and Exclusive Foam among others.
  • Foam Comfort Layers in European Style Pillow Top  with Waterproof Barrier.
  • Foam Comfort Layers are placed directly on air chambers without any waterproof liner.
Foam Toppers
  • Offers a Dual Sided Winter and Summer Side for Seasonal Use.
  • Single Sided with overstuffed fabric wrap zipper encasement.
  • This offers two different firmnesses, Latex is Firm Side, and Memory Foam is the Soft Side.
  • uses only Memory Foam in the topper which does not offer dual sided use.


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