AIRPRO Air Bed Parts for Sleep Number® Beds
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Compare to Sleep Number® Bed Pumps Firmness Control Systems

Brandon Fry Compare to Sleep Number® Bed Pumps Firmness Control Systems

Compare to Sleep Number® Bed Pumps Firmness Control Systems

  • We Do Not Sell Sleep Number® Brand Air Bed Pumps!


Compare Sleep Number® Bed Pumps that offer 20 comfort settings per side to AIRPRO Air Bed Pumps that offer 50 comfort settings per side. AIRPRO Air Bed Pumps allow you to fine tune your air chambers to a wider range of settings helping you find that perfect spot and keep it.

AIRPRO Replacement Air Bed Pumps are Compatible with Sleep Number® Bed Parts by using F-CAM-F-236 connector hoses to your Air Chambers.


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Compare to Sleep Number® Bed Pumps FCS Firmness Control Systems  

Compare Features AIRPRO Air Bed Pumps Sleep Number® Bed Pumps
Pneumatic  Pneumatic "Piston Driven" Fan Driven and Pneumatic Systems
Wired/Wireless  Wired Remotes Only Wired/Wireless Remote Controls
Warranty  20 year limited Warranty 30 Day Warranty when sold as repair parts
Comfort Settings  50 Settings per side  20 Sleep Settings per side
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Disclaimer;  We do not sell Select Comfort® Pumps or Sleep Number® Bed Pumps and in no way affiliated with the Select Comfort® corporate entity.  Comfortaire® Sleep Number® and Select Comfort® are registered trademarks.  The information on this site in regards to Sleep Number® Bed Pumps is strictly for comparison/adaptability purposes only.


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