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Patent Pending Design by Brandon Fry


Air Leak Repair Kits Compatible with Sleep Number® Bed Pump Air Chamber Parts 


Our Air Leak Repair Kits are compatible with Sleep Number® Bed Pump Air Chamber Parts to stop air leaks at the connectors.

If your Sleep Number® Bed Pump or Air Chamber has an air leak, trust Brandon Fry, the Inventor of this air leak repair kit and Owner of Air Bed Pros to get you the air bed parts you need to get it fixed fast!





Directions for installing the Air Leak Repair Kit  

  1. Stretch bare end of hose over the fitting on your Sleep Number® Bed air chamber.
  2. Cut old fitting off of your Sleep Number® Bed Pump Hose and add the F-236 Push Button Connector.

To decide which Air Leak Repair Kit is best for you, you must first check your mattress to see how many hoses your Sleep Number® bed Pump and Air Chamber System have.

If you have questions or would like to place an order, please call Air Bed Pros of St Louis, Pacific Missouri at (314) 599-2777 and ask for Brandon -


Disclaimer; we do not sell Sleep Number® Beds and we are in no way affiliated with the Select Comfort® Corp. The use of the their Trademarked Names Sleep Number® Select Comfort® SleepiQ® are used for comparison and adaptability purposes only.


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