AIRPRO Air Bed Parts for Sleep Number® Beds
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Air Bed Pros


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HD Hybrid


Optional HD - Heavy Duty Adjustable Bed Frame 


HYBRID - A Special Blend of Cool Temperature Neutral Gel that goes through a thermal phase change process while gel is Infused into the Memory Foam as it is risen.


AIRPRO HD Adjustable Air Bed 


Experience the Super Soft Comfort of Open Cell Memory Foam designed with a Ultra-Firm Hybrid Gel InFusion!

Get Best of Both WORLDS - (Firm or Soft) (Hot or Cold) or anywhere in-between in AIRPRO beds! 

Choose Your Air Setting, Raise your head and feet if you desire, turn on those massage motors and relax the day away...because the all new HYBRID Fusion bed from AirBedPros can do the rest for you!


With our AIRPRO adjustable air bed chambers, a wired remote allows you to control the air pressure level to your desired air pressure setting. This ability to adjust the mattress to your comfort, as your body changes, your needs may change. And this bed can change with you, making it a great investment. With easy to access parts, Industry Leading Customer Service, and Legendary technology that stands the test of time, AIRPRO Beds are designed to last.




Industry Leading Manufacturers Warranty for up to 25 years - Protecting you against defects in workmanship and construction. 3 Years @ 100 percent coverage, customer pays shipping - years 4 thru 25 covered at 65 percent less shipping charges, see warranty page for more details.

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