AIRPRO Air Bed Parts for Sleep Number® Beds
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Why Buy Now?

AIRPRO Air Bed Parts provide many benefits including 


  • AIRPRO Pump use Wired or Wireless Remote Controls with 100 settings per side.


  • internally bonded hose connections to reduce cracking of fittings during assembly which can result in air leaks down the road when compared to metal or brass hose crimping techniques that are commonly used by other brands.


  • Includes easy to use Air Leak Repair Kit designed with connectors and repair hose plus a pressure cap for testing the system and a heavy duty patch made of the same material the air chamber is made from to insure a quality bond can be made is also included in the repair kit as well. Just one more reason AIRPRO Beds are the best value on the market!


  • plus, with this improved design AIRPRO Beds now include a 5 year full replacement warranty for the pump and air chamber system (less shipping) - 20 year prorated warranty for manufacturers defects in workmanship to insure decades of use!


  • lavish beauty and luxury are only added benefits of high quality and durable layer fabrics in the AIRPRO beds, to achieve flame retardant standards we use a layering process to avoid the use of any chemicals in our beds!


  • NEW DESIGN with the new design of AIRPRO Beds exclusively offering DIRECT CONNECTION to your existing air bed parts, only replace the parts you need! 


Direct Connect


The features of Direct Connect allow you to select the adaptor you need to connect to any existing air bed parts you may have without the use of Adaptor Hoses!


Way back in 2008 I invented the industry leading adaptor hoses to connect unlike air bed parts together, with a few changes alone the way, they proved to be very effective and surely did the job. However, after several years, I designed a new model of Air Bed Pumps and Air Chambers that are interchangeable with other manufacturers parts to eliminate air leaks down the road. With a direct connect pump and air chamber you insure no adaptor hoses are needed!

Brandon Fry - Inventor
1977 Heritage Farms Dr
Pacific, MO. 63069
(314) 599-2777