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Waterbed Mattress - Waterbed Parts Dealer - Waterbed USA

We stock a Large Inventory of Waterbed Mattresses, Accessories and Repair Parts




In days past, the only waterbeds for customers to choose from were large wood frame Deep Fill Waterbeds.  If you have ever tried one, you know the unique sleep a Deep Fill Hard Side Waterbed Mattress can bring. Allowing your body to fall deep into the mattress, much deeper than any Mid Fill Waterbed can do. These lost their appeal because the Large Wood Headboards usually took up too much space. 


Customers now have the choice of a Soft Side Waterbed Mattress


On the Modern Side of Waterbeds - Soft Side Waterbed Mattresses arrived on the market later in the USA, mainly driving the sale of more traditional style beds without large wood frames to hold the water. With soft side waterbeds using 60 percent less water than a traditional hard side waterbed mattress, people began to make the switch to soft side waterbeds even though they were only Mid Fill. Providing a conventional style and functional appeal to bedrooms, Soft Side Beds blend in with New Modern Furniture.


Water Bed Parts Bundles @ Wholesale Prices 

We offer a full line of water bed mattress parts bundles available for both soft and hard side waterbeds.  Our prices on waterbed parts will help you get the bed you want at a price you can afford.  We ship fast and free nation wide!  

Choose from a hardside waterbed frame or a softside Frame Free waterbed mattress with a zipper cover and foam boarder walls inside your cover which is the main difference in waterbeds.  


SoftSide Waterbed Mattress

A soft side mattress uses a zipper cover and foam boarder walls to encase the waterbed mattress.  Providing support and adding comfort layers above the mattress for comfort.  


HardSide Waterbed Mattress

A Hardside water bed has a wood frame that offers a deep fill 9 inch mattress.  These are often the choice of waterbed owners because of the ability to fall deep into the mattress.  A hardside frame provides the support for the water mattress eliminating the need to have foam supports and zippered cover of soft side units.  


Waterbed Mattress Parts

A waterbed mattress requires parts to secure the mattress and keep it functioning properly.  Using the proper waterbed parts when assembling your mattress will keep you from having water leaks down the road.  Having a good Fill and Drian Kit will aid in adjusting the water level to the desired firmness for your comfort level.


Waterbed Liners

A waterbed mattress requires a quality liner to protect from punctures and provides a back up barrier for the mattress in case of leaks.  Used in both Soft and Hard side waterbeds, the Saftey Liner is a important part of any waterbed mattress.


Waterbed Heaters

While waterbed heaters are available in several styles, they all provide the same benefits.  Keeping your waterbed mattress to the desired tempurature in bed is a simple task with any of our heaters.  Choose from a dial in adjustmentment or a digital thermastat readout.  Both offer true control at a very affordable price.


Waterbed Fill & Drian Kits

Filling your waterbed mattrress has never been easier, a job you can now do on your own with our Fill & Drain Kit.  With the proper connectors, you will be able to attach the hose to your faucet adaptor and have a turn dial for a on and off adjustment.  With the Hose connecting at the mattress, we offer a strong water adaptor with a on and off adjustment to control how much water is in the mattress.  


Waterbed Furniture

Having the proper furniture for your waterbed mattress will help you enjoy your sleep that much more.  With so many styles of waterbeds on the market, you will be able to select the one that works best for you.