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Waterbed Care Instructions

Waterbed Care Instructions and Recommendations for Service

You will need a fill and drain kit with pump to drain out the old water and fill with clean water and add conditioner once a year to enhance the comfort and increase durability of your vinyl waterbed mattress.

Vinyl is pliable and can dry out or crack if not cared for properly.

To help your vinyl waterbed mattress stay soft and flexible, spray small amounts of vinyl cleaner to the mattress and let dry well before adding your sheets. Doing this regularly will clean away and body sweat or perspiration that may build up on the waterbed mattress and help prevent cracking or drying out of the vinyl.

Vinyl Waterbed Mattress Patches can aid you when repairing your vinyl waterbed mattress. Use a small amount of Vinyl Glue to apply to the waterbed mattress hole, then cover with vinyl patch and smooth out the glue around the hole and let dry. (See Repair Video)


- this can be used when wet, and during a leak repair because Vinyl glue will dry in water, and form a seal to hold the vinyl patch on...




Select from these items below to build the waterbed care kit for you...




Cleaner & Patch Kit


Vinyl Cleaner

Vinyl Patch

Vinyl Glue

Vinyl Conditioner

Vinyl Mattresses

Fill and Drain Kits

Fill and Drain Hoses

Quick Drain Pumps

Faucet Adaptors

Care Instructions