AIRPRO Air Bed Parts for Sleep Number® Beds
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AIRPRO Beds - Compare to Sleep Number® Beds by Select Comfort®


AIRPRO Beds offer similar single or dual adjustable features as Sleep Number® Beds by Select Comfort® with a wider range of settings.


  • We "do not" sell Sleep Number® brand beds, parts, products or services and are in no way affiliated with the Select Comfort® Corporation.

Compare AIRPRO Air Bed Pump Comfort Settings

AIRPRO Beds offer a solid state design air bed pump that provides up to 50 comfort settings per side, 


Compared to Sleep Number® Beds that offer 20 preset Sleep Number® settings per side.


AIRPRO Beds are designed with you in mind!


At AirBed Pros, we are proud to offer the AirPRO beds made with the high quality air bed parts to help you get the great night's sleep you need night after night. With features like one or two adjustable air chambers, a single-unit design, extra quiet pneumatic pumps, wooden frames and 50 unique comfort settings, these AirPRO beds offer features Sleep Number® Beds do not.


We know that No two people sleep alike, that is why our adjustable air beds come in dual chambers. Allowing Sleep Partners to be comfortable with their own setting keeps everybody happy.
When choosing your new air bed, make sure you select the one made with the best components. AirPRO air bed parts are chosen for their quality, durability, strength and ability to deliver maximum comfort for you. 

In addition, the extra quiet pumps leverage a pneumatic design and pistons for maximum ease of inflation. Every component of AirPRO beds have been designed to maximize the life of the bed while delivering you maximum flexibility and comfort, allowing you to awaken refreshed every morning.


Smart, No-Gap No-Sag Design Air Chambers that Deliver Quality



From the outset, the design of the AirPRO bed is top-notch. These industry-leading airbeds are made from high quality air bed parts and designed to deliver optimal restful sleep for you. When you purchase an AirPRO bed, you will enjoy benefits such as:


  • Two adjustable air chambers—with our No-Gap No-Sag Design so each person can get the level of inflation he or she desires
  • 50 unique comfort settings per side—for maximum configurability guaranteed to provide just the right feel to anyone
  • Reinforced foam support rails—locks air chambers together preventing dipping and sagging in the middle of the bed
  • Inflator that connects at the pump, not the air chamber for ease of use



Contact AirBed Pros to get your new AirPRO bed today - Call / Text (314) 599-2777