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Extension Hoses for Sleep Number® Bed Parts

Easily extend the hose length of AIRPRO Air Bed Parts to Sleep Number® Bed Parts with these extension hoses

  • We Do Not Sell Sleep Number® Brand Beds, Parts or Products.

We make easy to use extension hoses that will help you replace your Sleep Number® Bed Pump or Sleep Number® Bed Air Chamber. It will connect any of our replacement Air Bed Parts to your Sleep Number® Bed Parts and provide as much length of hose you need to make your pump and air chamber set fit correctly.



Tim Dankson


Hi, we just spoke on the phone last Saturday when I made an order to refurbish my old Sleep Number bed. I just received my package of the air chambers and the replacement foam rails.

During the conversation, you mentioned an air fitting that would adapt my Sleep Number hoses/fittings to support the new air chambers which it did. However, I need some extension hoses to add some length to make the connection to my Sleep Number® bed pump. and, I must say, I am very impressed with the speed the order was shipped and quality of your products and have given your company's name to someone who is a Sleep Number owner also for help.




AIRPRO @ Air Bed Pros

We do have different lengths of Extension hoses for your needs, from 6 inch, 1 foot, 2 foot, 3 foot and 4 foot lengths. 




That's great. Thanks.



AIRPRO @ Air Bed Pros

I'll be here if I can help, Make it a great night!