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How to Cap, Test and Repair your Sleep Number® Bed Air Leak by brandon fry

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How to Cap Test and Repair your Sleep Number® Bed air leak by brandon fry - AIRPRO @


Step by Step - How to Test and Repair for Sleep Number® beds with the Deluxe Air Leak Repair Kit from


If you own and love a Sleep Number® Bed, like I do, you will want to know me, Brandon Fry - the AIRPRO!


With my Patent Pending Air Bed Repair Hose - the M236-LG-Hose and the Deluxe Air Leak Repair Kits I have put together, you will be able to stop air leaks at the top places, where they most commonly occur! 


1. Broken Pump Hose Connector  - use F-236 female push button fitting.

2. Broken Oring on Air Chamber Fitting - Use M-236-LG-Hose with New Oring.

3. Pin Hole Leaks - use Cap to Test the Air Chamber and Canvas Patch to repair them Included.

In order for me to explain how to add the Air Leak Repair Kit, I'm going to have to walk you through it Step by step,

I can show you how to repair any issue with your Sleep Number® bed and get you back to like new condition with the help of my AIRPRO air bed parts!

1. Let's start by unzipping the cover and rolling the top comfort layers to the bottom half of the bed out of the way - being sure to inspect for rips tears or breaking down of support foam.

- Bed sagging can occur after an air leak has been undetected for a long period of time, the sleeper tends to toss and turn more trying to get comfortable with air escaping more each night. Restless sleep, rolling to the middle and more can all be the results from an air leak that went I without being repaired. If you find yourself adding air on a regular basis each night, you could be tearing or damaging support foam inside your Sleep Number® Bed!

2. Next, remove the head foam rail from the cover and place it on top of the air chambers out of the way, this will expose the pump air hoses and connectors. 

In most cases this can be a fairly easy way to locate the inside hoses and connectors for inspection and repair.


Now, you will need to know two (2) things before you can move on from this point??

How many hoses does your Sleep number bed have?

Either 1 - 2 - 4 ???

Which pump do you have? It goes by the hose connections, being able to see them with the foam rail at the head of the bed removed, you will be able to count the number of hoses attached.


1 = a single chamber bed - twin , twin xl, full, queen single chamber.

2 = either 2 hoses to a single chamber?

2 = 1 hose to each of 2 air chambers (MOST COMMON STYLE)

4 = 2 hoses to each air chamber

if so, "do you have 1 smaller hose and 1 larger hose? Or are they both the same size?"


Because a Sleep Number Pump with dual ports operation is different than single port pump operation- with single port per side the pump inflates and reads the pressure to one side in the same hose! - with a 2 hose per side dual port pump operation one hose inflates and deflates and one only reads pressure. - this is important because If you cap off the small hose port and the pump can not read the pressure you may end up blowing a seam in your air chamber! 

- Make sure to have your Air Leak Repair Kits read, we offer fast shipping options to get them to you fast…..

Once you have found out how many connections you have, you will be able to order the correct number of repair parts needed.


Inside the zipper cover below the foam head rail, press the button on the pump hose at the air chamber.

Next, pull to remove the hose from the chamber. - then inspect the chamber fitting to see that a. the o-ring is in tach on the air chamber, and b. the fitting is still on the pump hose. 

At this point, you may see a broken o-ring (Stuck inside the pump hose fitting or may fall off along the way) either way, the head of the air chamber fitting can break off, which I call it the hull, it is what holds the o-ring on. It can break off.


Adding the M-236-LG-HOSE by stretching the bare end of the hose over the fitting as seen in the video, and run the new male fitting with o-ring out the hole in your mattress cover.


Next, cut the old pump hose connector off just pats the spot it is inside the hose to reveal a clean piece of hose. - then add the F-236 fitting by pushing the barbed end inside the hose. 


Now you will be able to connect the pump hose fitting NEW to the M-236-LG-Hose New fitting with o-ring and pump the air chamber up.


If the Air Chamber holds air you are good, if you still have air leaking, remove pump hose while the air chamber is fully inflated, and add the cap to test the air chamber.


It is at this point the CAP TEST will be correct! prior to the M-236 lg hose, the cap test could be false. simply capping the chamber off could hold, but hide a broken o-ring.


Well, now that you have tested the air chamber, if you have a leak after capping it off, use the included patch to repair it.


or, If it holds air while being capped off (WITH THE M-236-lg-hose added) then you have a bad pump.


In any case, we do NOT recommend taking the pump apart. I am not able to get any interior parts to repair them, So "do NOT do it"


If at this point, you need, you can purchase a replacement air bed pump or air chamber and adapt it to your air bed parts with the repair hose reversed.

By using the M-236-lg-hose, you can connect our air bed parts to your's if needed…..Now that is value…..An air leak repair kit that works.


For fast help, call or TEXT Brandon the AIRPRO @ (314) 599-2777 

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