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Sleep Number® Bed Air Chamber to AIRPRO Pump Assembly Instructions

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How to Replace a Sleep Number® Bed Pump with AIRPRO Pump

AIRPRO Replacement Air Bed Pumps are Compatible with Sleep Number® beds by using adaptor hoses we make. They are easy to use for converting your usable Sleep Number® parts to our replacement AIRPRO Air Bed Parts.


We do not sell Sleep Number® bed pumps, and we are in no way affiliated with the Select Comfort Corp.


The first thing you will need to know to Replace a Sleep Number® Bed Pump is -

  1. How Many Hoses Does Your Sleep Number® Bed Pump Have?

There are 5 Options

  • 1 Hose = Single or Twin Size Bed with Only 1 Air Hose.
  • 2 Hoses = A. Single or Twin Bed with 2 Hoses going to 1 Air Chamber.
  • 2 Hoses = B. Dual Chamber Bed with 1 Hoses Per Side. (MOST POPULAR)
  • 4 Hoses = A. 2 Hoses Per Air Chamber - 1 small hose and 1 large hose per side.
  • 4 Hoses = B. 2 Hoses Per Side - Both Same Size Hoses.


We offer 2 styles of Adaptor Hoses to help you Replace Your Sleep Number® Bed Pump.

  1. Single Port Sleep Number® Bed Air Chamber to AIRPRO Pump Adaptor Hose
  2. Dual Port Sleep Number® Bed Air Chamber to AIRPRO Pump Adaptor Hose


Direction for Replacing Your Sleep Number® Bed Pump

You will need to cut the hoses off of your Sleep Number® Bed Pump, and push the barbed end of the adaptor hose inside your Sleep Number® Bed Pump hoses so you can connect to Your Sleep Number® Bed Air Chambers.






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