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How to find and repair air leaks in Sleep Number® bed Pump Air Chamber Parts - by Brandon Fry

Brandon Fry How to repair an air leak in your Sleep Number® bed Parts

 Air Leak Repair Kit for Sleep Number Beds


One of the most difficult things to repair on a Sleep Number® Bed is an air leak because of the random location of possible air leaks and the hidden location of the air hoses. 



New Pressure Bonded Hose Fitting by St Louis Inventor Brandon Fry ~ AIRPRO at AirBedPros

Pressure Bond for Sleep Number Bed Air Leaks 


With most air leaks starting at the hose connection from the pump to the air chamber port, in the past I would recommend a quick test which was to try to switch the hoses from left to right to see if the air leak moves. This would help by letting you know if the air leak moves to other chamber you might have a pump leak and if the leak does not move the leak can be found in the chamber. The results of this first test to narrow down where the air leak was began resulting in broken connectors.


Consumers would find o rings and plastic parts of the male fitting broken off inside the pump hose fitting or break the pump hose off when removed from the air chamber.


The best way to repair your air leak is to add the m236 large hose to your air chamber port and the f236 connector to your pump hose to form a new connection outside of the bed on each of your. You can purchase both of these along with a pressure cap and latex patch in the air leak repair kit.


Here is a quick link to the air leak repair kit by Brandon Fry ~ AIRPRO @ Air Bed Pros of St Louis


  • Watch this helpful videos on how to install the m236 large hose for Sleep Number® Bed air chamber Repair.
  • Watch this helpful repair video on installing the f236 pump hose connector for Sleep Number® Bed pump hose repair.
  • We Do Not Sell Sleep Number® Brand Products and we are in NO WAY Affiliated with the Select Comfort Corp.


Here are 3 short videos to help you understand the repair process

Video 1 

Finding the air leak in Sleep Number® bed Parts

Video 2

How to find the air leak in Sleep Number Beds

Video 3

Repairing the Air Leak In Sleep Number Beds with the Air Leak Repair Kit from Airbedpros


To find the Air Leak in your Sleep Number® Bed, you can begin by unzipping your mattress, fold back the top cover and foam comfort layers to see the air chambers and foam rails.

Next, Remove the foam rail at the head of your Sleep Number® bed, you will see the air hose connections at the air chambers. 

If your air leak is on one side of the bed, begin by removing the air lines, and switching them from one side to the other. By doing this, you will be able to see if the air leak moves. 

If your air leak follows the hose(s) you moved, it will most likely be the Pump Hose Connector or the pump itself.

If the air leak does not move, it is most likely the air chamber fitting, Broken o-ring, or air chamber may have a hole in the canvas area (Use Canvas Air Chamber Patch).

Begin by inspecting the air bed parts connectors to see if they have any signs of cracks at the hose or under the o-ring area. The o-ring should be on the air chamber nipple, but it can break off inside the push button connector on the pump hose when the hose is removed.

If you find no leaks there, Listen for any air that may be leaking by listening closely to the pump and air hoses, and the air chambers themselves.

Once you find the air leak in your Sleep Number® Bed Parts, we can help you fix it with our wide selection of air bed parts. 


How to repair air leaks in Sleep Number® Bed Pump Air Chamber Parts Watch Video Here 


If you have been suffering with an air leak in your Sleep Number® bed pump or air chamber parts, we can help.

Read from these easy tips to find your issue. If you don't see the problem you are having, please call Brandon @ (314) 599-2777 


- We (Brandon Fry & AirBed Pros) do not sell the Sleep Number® brand air beds or air bed parts, and we are in no way affiliated with the Select Comfort Corp. The use of their trademarked names is for compatibility and adaptability purposes only.


The fastest way to repair an air leak in Sleep Number® bed parts is to add the Air Leak Repair Kit from AirBed Pros.  PATENT PENDING - 

This Patent Pending Design includes fixes for Air Leaks at the Pump and Air Chamber Hose Connectors on Sleep Number® Beds by Select Comfort®.


By adding the M-236-LG/HOSE and the F-236 Push Button Connector to your Sleep Number® Bed Pump and Air Chamber Fittings you can eliminate the least expensive repair and it is 90 percent effect. And create a solid connection at the air chamber and move the connection outside the zipper cover where it is less prone to damage from being pressed down on by the foam head rail.


Replacing your leaking or broken Sleep Number® Bed Pump is easy with Direct Connection Air Bed Parts from

Wired or Wireless Air Bed Pumps 

If you have a leaking or broken Sleep Number® bed pump, consider replacing it with the AIRPRO pumps. We offer air Bed pumps that you can use to connect to your air chambers, allowing you to control the air pressure again.

Question? Do you have 1 hose going to each air chamber or 2 hoses going to each air chamber?

Directions; You will need to cut the hoses off of your Sleep Number® bed pump and push the barbed end of the adaptor into your hoses and you will be able to attach AIRPRO Pumps to your Single port Sleep Number® bed air chambers.

If you have 2 hoses going to each air chamber for a total of 4 hoses on your Sleep Number® Bed Pump, you will need to use a cap for the second port.


Replacing your Sleep Number® Bed Air Chambers with AIRPRO Air Chambers has never been easier! 


If you have a Sleep Number® Bed Air Chamber that is losing air, we can help with our replacement air chambers the provide a direct connection to your pump hose fitting.


If you have any questions about How to repair Air Leaks in Sleep Number® Beds Please Visit or Call 314-599-2777 for fast friendly service 


Please remember, 

- We do not sell the Sleep Number® brand air Bed parts or products or Select Comfort® SleepiQ® brand products, and we are in no way affiliated with the select comfort corp. The use of the trademarked names is for adaptability and compatibility purposes only. 

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  • AIRPRO on

    When storing air chambers, you should always have them capped off to prevent the inside from drying out. Once the inside latex dries out, holes can develop. I suggest removing the air chamber from your Sleep Number® Bed and connect it to your pump on a table where you can work on it. Begin by pumping it up as full as you can get it. Use spray cleaner to spray it down and look for bubbles. Watch this video for more tips.

    Brandon Fry ~ AIRPRO at AirBedPros Call or Text (314) 599-2777

  • Dennis on

    I also have the same problem and can’t come up with a solution.

  • Tom Martin on

    I appreciate your efforts to solve our problems. Here is mine. We purchased this Model 3000 full size dual bed a few years ago after a couple gave their 12 year old a chance to practice his trampoline jumps on. they had to call Sleep Number Support in several times. The last time it was repaired, they gave him a different bed and put this one up for sale.We bought it and didn’t get a chance to use it until recently. I pumped it up for some family company and it went flat in just a few nights. I can pump it up full and leave it alone for about 2 weeks before it is nearly flat. Filled to capacity and capped chambers for about 3 weeks and both chambers held a full charge. I can’t hear any leaks around the pump even with the cover off and trying bubble checking where I could didn’t find any thing either. A question In have is, since the numbers don’t show properly on the controller, does the pump have regulator circuit for automatic pressure control? Otherwise what else could I have?

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