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Pumps Air Bed Replacement Parts for Sleep Number® Beds

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Air Bed Pump Inflators

Replacement Pumps for Sleep Number® Beds

  • We stock a full line of replacement air bed pumps to repair your Adjustable Air Bed
  • Easily Replace any Sleep Number® Bed Pump with one of our Fully Pneumatic Air Bed Pumps

The AIRPRO Replacement Air Bed Pumps offer control over your comfort level like no other pump can offer.

Finding your comfort level in an adjustable air bed takes having the correct pump that will function to a wider range of settings. Our fully pneumatic piston driven pumps offer Scientific settings accurate to 50 comfort settings per side in digital models.

AIRPRO Replacement Air Bed Pumps are pneumatic "Piston Driven" and offer true scientific settings when compared to the settings you get with Select Comfort's Sleep Number® Bed Pump which reads by 5's from 0 to 100, giving you only 20 settings. AIRPRO Pumps go the extra mile with the Cam Lock Connection that uses a Lock Tight design, the hose is under no pressure from the connection with the spin free swivle cam which allows the hose to be relaxed.

Each Air Chamber will hold the same amount of air, our Air Bed Pumps allow you to fine tune your comfort setting with up to 50 Scientific Settings per side. Instead of guessing at a 25 and wondering if you are at 20 or closer to 30, you could have an exact setting like 27 in our Digital Air Bed Replacement Pumps.

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