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Air Chambers

AIRPRO Replacement Air Chambers 

Easily Replace a Leaking Air Chamber with our Body Balancing Design Air Chambers. A full 6 inches high, heat welded seams, wire reinforced kink free hose. 

If you are replacing a Sleep Number® air chamber, we recommend replacing both air chambers at the same time to avoid any difference in size from the existing manufacturer.  

Replacing both sides at the same time will provide you with our No Gap Design air chamber set, designed to provide a consistant level of support from the left side to right.  Preventing bed sagging and bowing out of the side walls from pressure.



Sleep Number® and Select Comfort® are registered trademarks.

The information on this site in regards to Select Comfort® Air Chambers is strictly for comparison/adaptability purposes only.

We do not sell the Select Comfort® or Sleep Number® Air Chambers, and in no way affiliated with the Select Comfort® corporate entity.


M-CAM-236 Connector Hose

M-CAM-236 Connector Hose Compare to Sleep Number Pump
Compare @ $39.99
Buy Now $29.99

Click here to purchase the M-CAM-236 Connector Hose

M-CAM-236 - Connector Hose to Compare to Sleep Number® Bed Pump.

If you need to replace a Compare to Sleep Number® Bed Air Chamber, you will need this connector hose to connect to your existing pump. 

The M-CAM Fitting will connect to any AIRPRO.AIRCHAMBER and offers 12 inches of extention hose that ends with a M-236 Male Connector with o ring which will connect to the Push Button Connector on your Compare to Sleep Number® Bed Pump.

Questions about replacing an air chamber or how the connector hoses work?

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