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Hot Cold Mattress Pad

Hot Cold Temperature Control for any Mattress

Compare Sleep Number® Bed Dual Temp at less than half the Price.

 FREE With Purchase: 7 Zone Pulse Massage Units

(recieve a FREE 7 zone pulse massage syatem with the purchase of a Mattress Temperature Control unit)

With the Hot Cold Temperature Control for your Mattress you will be able to choose a desired temperature for sleeping, with dual controls you now have the choice of a dual zone unit for couples.

Say goodbye to those hot or cold swings in the night with the Hot Cold Temperature Control Unit for your bed. Enjoy settings as cold as 48 degrees or as hot as 112 degrees all with a Wireless Remote Control for each side in dual units. 

Never has it been easier to control your temperature in bed. With the Hot Cold Temperature Control for your Mattress you can now sleep free of hot sweats or cold flashes that are often caused by life.

As we grow older our bodies change without notice, take Control with the Hot Cold Adjustable Air Bed from Air Bed Pros.

Dual Zone Temperature Control - Includes 2 Free 7 zone Pulse Massagers


Please Allow 4 - 6 Weeks for delivery of this item

Hot Cold Mattress Temperature Control Units

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Hot 2 Cold Mattress Temperature Control Units


Hot 2 Cold Mattress Mattress Temperature Control Units Compare at other stores, we sell for less.


Relax and enjoy relief from hot and cold tempurature in bed. Select from settings as cold as 60 degrees all the way to 112 degrees hot, the choice is yours.  Two wireless remotes allow each sleeper to choose their own comfort setting.


Enjoy these added features advantages and benefits;


  • Dual zone units with wireless remote controls.
  • Regulate Tempurature to prevent hot and cold swings in the night. 
  • Relax sore aching muscles with heat settings up to 112 degrees.
  • Eliminate Hot Sweats at night with settings down to 48 degrees.
  • Reduce Heating and Cooling cost's by lowering the thermastat at home.
  • Choose your temperature in the Mattress Pad of your Dreams with the Hot 2 Cold Mattress Pad.


* Bundle Pricing Available by Phone @ 314-599-2777.


Please Allow 4 - 6 Weeks for delivery of this item 


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